Audiocrip out now
audiocrip blue yo speakers is out now!

AUDIOCRIP : Blue Yo Speakers : son05

Armed with a mini disc and mpc, this glitch gangsta threatens candid interviews and viral YouTube videos with pent-up aggressive soundscapes. From humiliating drunk girls, getting busted for convenient store recording, and capturing the fear of victims in a street fight, this is a black and blue battle of sound deconstructing our West Coast culture. His past vendettas brought to peace through hip hop beats cut into fine-tuned spatters opening smooth organs despite a bobblin' crack-toothed cry, "You need to get the fuck out my bidness nigga!" Audiocrip wants that guy to know, "I'm in yo bidness! Its mine now!" And yours.


gulls freeer 12 inch record is out!

son 04 : gulls : FREEer 12″

from the sessions and original masters of the famed eats and opus debut, gulls‘ jesse munro johnson (evolutionary jass band, owl dudes, modernstate, die bomb shelters) unleashes another beast. a very much alive beast beating drums with four arms, shredding cymbals with eight limbs, bouncing bass with two hips, and breathing fire through two headed trumpets. delays shower down from brown skies, blending all sounds together and only mike mckinnon (wet confetti, reporter), scott blais (die bomb shelters), and sam schauer (modernstate, …worms) can add to the longevity of this now freeer beast.

side b reveals michael bruce’s retelling of this adventure, substituting 100% analog drum machines, synths, and effects to coincide with freeer’s composition. “than richer” as in a revert to what once was a popular practice of playing machines as well as programming them. this, in fact is a blend of the two…

limited to 300 hand stamped records and cdr
in hand screened brown, red, and blue jackets
design and printing by okayokayokay
release 02-29-08

track listing
side a) gulls : FREEer - 14:20
side b) michael bruce : FREEer than richer - 14:20

gulls eats and opus full length album

Gulls : Eats and Opus : son03

This is the colossal debut of Portland, OR native jesse munro johnson (evolutionary jass band, owl dudes, modernstate, die bomb shelters).
A static collage of shimmering bells, trumpets, and xylophones floating atop a sea of choppy field recordings, cymbals, synths, and snares. beneath the crests of the horizon - elusive deep beats approach to signify gusts of change.

An album 2 years in the making and featuring collaborations with jevon cutler, tony york (audiocrip), mike mckinnon (wet confetti), scott blais (die bomb shelters), and paul wig owl dudes). An opus proper and one to digest from beginning to end again and again. sconce on it!

limited to 500 glass mastered cd’s
hand screened fuscia, gold jackets
much thanks to ookayokayokay


 michael bruces war of the worlds remix

The War of the Worlds : son02 live remix by Michael Bruce

What is presented hear are perhaps what the radio waves would have sounded like should the martians have really landed in grovers mill, new jersey on october 30, 1938.

Raw and unrelenting, this uncut, re-broadcast begins the cbs on wilmuth farm and ends in New York City, annihilated.

limited to 50 (sold out)

download the war of the worlds for FREE

they come in pairs portland oregon compilation release

They Come in Pairs : son01

The debut compilation featuring the bold debuts of horns, cuss cuss cuss, michael bruce, and achillea. from 12-bit power pop to shouting backups, drag and drop to yelling synths the reason for this and all lozenges is because we haven’t heard nothin quite like it. thus the beginning…

4 artists x 2 tracks each, = 8 tracks and 28 minutes of eiiiieeee!
full color, life-size